●Festival ticket sales will be suspended.
●Refunds will be made available for tickets already purchased.
●Tickets will be valid for next year’s festival so those planning to attend should save the ticket.

Details regarding tickets and refunds will be announced soon.
Please keep the confirmation letter until the details are announced.

FRF’20 OFFICIAL WEBSITE:http://fujirock-eng.com

Welcome to Fuji Rock Festival official shop GAN-BAN!

This website is ticket purchasing page for people who live outside of Japan.

Before placing your order, please ensure that you have read and understood all the guideline and precautions on the Fuji Rock Festival’20 official website.

All dates and times listed on this site are based on dates and times within Japan.

If you would like to order tickets in Japan, please proceed to do so by accessing HERE.


Each entrance ticket comes with a special tote bag and drink discount coupon which is only available at GAN-BAN!
(a special tote bag is limited quantity)

Ticket Rules & Regulations

[General Admission Ticket]
Each General Admission ticket valid for 1 person’s entry to the festival.
Admission free for children under the age of 15. Must be accompanied by an adult.
1 Day tickets and 2 Day tickets are sold by date. Changing or upgrading the date of your ticket after purchase is not allowed.

[Parking Ticket]
Parking Ticket 4,000yen / day per car (tax incl.).
Parking Tickets only available for those purchasing 2 or more General Admission tickets.
General Admission Ticket required for each person in vehicle.
Purchase of only Parking Ticket(s) not available. Those coming to the festival by car must purchase a General Admission Ticket and Parking Ticket.
For those travelling by motorcycle (vehicles above scooter class), the festival car park is available for use. A fee of ¥2,000 (cash only, limited to festival period only) will be charged upon entry.

[Campsite Ticket]
Camp site ticket 4,000yen / person (tax incl.).

Each camp Site Ticket valid for 1 person’s use of camp site during the festival period, from Thursday 20th August 12:00PM to Monday 24th August 12:00PM.

Camp Site Tickets do not include tent or any other equipment.

Notes about ticket purchase
There will be a handling fee of 2,000 Yen for each festival ticket purchased through this website except camping tickets.

Please input your name as it appears in your passport (or identity card) when you place the ticket reservation.

Moon Caravan (automobile camping) tickets cannot be purchased from outside of Japan.

The maximum number of tickets you can purchase at once is 4 (four) online sales. If you wish to buy more than 4 tickets, another order has to be made.

Please note that changes or cancellations cannot be made after application of purchase.

Be sure to purchase your ticket at an authorized ticket outlet.

Tickets purchased via unauthorized ticket outlets will be deemed invalid and the festival will not be responsible for any trouble arising from the purchase of such tickets nor will such tickets be refunded by the festival under any circumstances.

Tickets will be exchanged with wrist bands at the Festival site. You cannot enter the site with only a ticket. (Those who receive wristbands in advance may directly enter the festival.)

Tickets and wristbands will not be reissued under any circumstances.

Those who remove or lose their wristband while in the festival will be asked to exit the festival or repurchase a ticket.

Ticket sales will finish once tickets are sold out. This applies to all ticket types.

Please be sure to fully read and understand the rules and regulations before purchasing tickets

Fuji Rock Festival’20 official website: https://en.fujirockfestival.com

[How to Receive Tickets]

Order tickets

After payment is made, an email with confirmation letter (PDF format) attached will be sent within one week.

STEP3 : Delivery Method
For those who purchased admission ticket and campsite ticket.
Your wristband will be exchanged at Ganban booth, outside of the festival site when you provide us a confirmation letter and your ID. Please print out the confirmation letter. Your wristbands will not be shipped in advance.

For those who purchased parking ticket
Your tickets will be shipped Internationally via EMS (Express Mail Service) in late July. We will notify you once shipping is complete. If you do not receive a ticket in advance, you cannot use the car park. Be sure to contact us if your shipping address has changed. english@ganban.net
Please read the details before purchasing parking ticket; HERE

For those who purchased direct bus ticket
Your bus ticket will be sent by email by the middle of August.

For those who booked rental tent set
Your rental tent set will be exchanged at Ganban booth, outside of the festival site when you provide us a confirmation letter and your ID. Please print out the confirmation letter.

Note about confirmation letter
If you do not receive an email with confirmation letter attached within one week after your payment is completed, please follow the procedure below.

1. The email we sent you might be in a spam box. Please check it in the box.
2. The email we sent you came back as undeliverable mail. In this case, we can receive email from you but we cannot send you email. If you contact us several times and you do not receive our replies, please inform us your order number and full name and other email address.

Once you have decided which tickets to purchase please proceed by choosing from the categories.